After a long seagoing career on oil, chemical and gas carriers, Paul Holl (Holl Maritime B.V.) and Peter Vaes (Avisco Marine Inspection B.V.) continued their career ashore as inspector for CDI and SIRE / OCIMF. Both of them became CDI senior inspector, Paul Holl is also accredited as an OCIMF auditor.

In 2008 they combined their forces which later resulted in the establishment of ShipVetting BV.
Shipvetting is managing inspections in the busy ARA area by means of a core group of 8 inspectors and is arranging world-wide inspections via a group of more than 60 contracted accredited OCIMF / SIRE inspectors.

As an independent inspection company the main activities of ShipVetting BV are:

  • OCIMF inspections on board chemical-, gas- and oil tankers, on behalf of ship owners, managers and their charterers.
  • SIRE and CDI report assessment.
  • Terminal inspections & terminal report assessment
  • Navigation audits by Nautical Institute accredited ‘Navigation Assessors’ which count for TMSA 3 stage 4 (# 5.4.1.)
  • Owner’s inspections assessing operator performance
  • Pre inspections preparing vessels for SIRE & CDI inspections.

These services are performed world-wide and inspections / audits can be arranged at a very short notice when necessary.

The primary working area is the so-called ARA (Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp) region, including the hinterland (Germany, Belgium and France).