Inspection services



OCIMF / SIRE inspections are performed according to the Vessel Inspection Questionnaires 2018  (VIQ 7) Revision 1.0
The latest two versions of the OCIMF VIQ can be downloaded via the following link  VIQ 2018 rev 1.0

The current OCIMF SIRE inspection protocol is expected to be upgraded to SIRE 2.0 at 2023. All our inspectors are SIRE 2.0 accredited.

The number of questions in the latest questionnaire has been drastically reduced compared to the previous VIQ 6 – 2014 edition as several questions were deleted and others were merged into one common question.
A new chapter 7 about security has been added, chapter 9 about mooring equipment has been updated in accordance with MEG # 4.


CDI inspections are performed according to the SIR (Ship Inspection Report) 8th Edition 2015 which became officially valid from 1st August 2015.
The latest version can be downloaded from the CDI website.

The present CDI questionnaire contains 1036 questions for chemical and 1062 questions for gas tankers.



The CDI Terminal inspection is performed according to the 6th Edition 2015 Management and Technical questionnaire which became official at 1st March 2015.

The report will remain valid for a period of 3 years.

Extensive and detailed information regarding terminals can be found in the October 2012 published BLCH guide (Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants, Terminals, Storage and Distribution depots) which is a joint production by CDI, Witherby and C-mist.

CDI terminal inspections for the European area will be performed by Holl Maritime BV from out of the home office at Rotterdam, The Netherlands and for the Asian area (covering China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand) from out of Jakarta, Indonesia.


The OCIMF publication MTMSA (Marine Terminal Management and Self-Assessment) was published in 2012, it replaced the 2004 issued ‘Marine Terminal Baseline Criteria and Assessment Questionnaire’.

Both OCIMF publications focus on the ship – shore terminal interface, while CDI also includes the chemical related part of the tank farm and associated areas for truck and train loading/unloading.

TMSA (Tanker Management Self Assessment)

We can perform TMSA office audits using the latest OCIMF TMSA 3 edition (2017).

Also on board TMSA verification audits are performed by our company.